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I use instragram a lot! follow me: yvonnie_xo :) some arm candy photos:

Bracelets: Topshop 
Watch: Michael Kors

Pearls: Forever 21
Spikes: Topshop
Pyramid Stud: Forever 21
Peace: Topshop

Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Damier Ebene
Cross: Asos
Skull: Asos
Moustache: Asos
Double wrap: Helloberry
Ring:  Asos

Colourful bangles (pink&green): Forever 21
Colourful skulls: Topshop
Beaded Leaf: Forever 21
Pink Cross: Topshop
Pandora 5 clip
Friendship skulls: Urban Outfitters
Turquoise Skull: Urban Outfitters

White Wrap: Helloberry
Skulls: Topshop
Gold: Topshop
Cross: Asos
Gold Skull: Asos
Heart Ring: Asos

Nail Vanish: Dior - Waterlily
Nicole by OPI - Rainbow in skylie
Ring: Topshop

Red Scarf: Alexander Mcqueen
Wetlook Leggings: Topshop
Leopard Shirt: Topshop
Nails: OPI - Over the Taupe 
White Studed: Topshop
Silver & Gold Cross: Topshop
Skulls: Topshop
Brown Leather Double Wrap: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors
Peace: Topshop
Spikes: Topshop
Hinge Ring: Asos 
Other rings are from the bf :)

Skulls: Topshop
Spikes: Topshop
Turquoise Cross: Topshop
Beaded Leaf: Forever 21
Peace: Topshop
Mint and Gold: Asos
Cross Ring: Urban Outfitters

From working in a haberdashery - New Trimmings, I've become quite creative in trying to diy things. All you need is studs of your choice - I used 10mm square pyramid studs in gold and silver, any plain iPhone choice - I got mine from ebay and superglue. 

The outcome:


 I've wanted this for a while now, for my 21st birthday this year I finally got the Alexander Wang Rocco bag with black leather and rose gold hardware, which I LOVE! 

The black pebbled leather feels amazing - very good quality, the hardware around the bag including the zip and the clips for the detachable shoulder strap too. Theres two hidden zip pockets on one side of the bag, always useful and convenient to put small things in. 

There are two patch pockets inside of the bag, easier to put things like your phone in so it is easier to find and also a zippy pocket.

Oversized rose gold studs on the bottom of the bag, beautiful. Though the studs make the bag quite heavy, i am used to carrying it, so thats not a feature that i typically dislike. This is a very casual everyday day, i can wear on my arm and also on my shoulder, it looks great either way.  A few ootd too :)

Sunglasses: Chanel
Leather jacket: Topshop
Checked shirt: Hollister
Shorts: High wasited from Topshop
Tights: Accessorize
Pumps: Topshop
Hello Kitty iphone bumper: ebay

Pink Cropped blazer: Forever21
Vest: Topshop
studded belt: Topshop
Jeans: Jamie from Top-shop
Ballet bumps:Topshop
Rilakkuma Cat TPU iPhone case: Ebay

Studded ombre sweater: Topshop
Jeans: Leigh - Topshop
Armcandy: Helloberry & Topshop
Rilakkuma Cat TPU iPhone case: Ebay


Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 15.0mm

Water Content : 38%

Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

The Princess Mimi collection was designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka, now they have become so popular worldwide. I really like the unique vibrant pattern on these lenses, they are so comfortable as well sometimes i don't realize they are still in my eyes. Though they have a rather large diameter of 15mm, they are not uncomfortable at all and i like how they enlarge my eyes. I choose the chocolate brown lenses, as that was the most natural looking colour and also brown suits me more overall as I've got dark hair now.

The lenses are nicely packaged into little boxes to secure the lenses won't break. All contact lenses comes with a free cute contact lenses case. I also love that the brown has a more reddish tone and that the lenses are more vibrant towards the centre of the lenses.

I would say these are my favourite lenses that i have ever tried and they don't dry out my eyes after wearing them for long periods of time. I would recommend these lenses to anyone especially those who wear contacts on a daily basis, though i don't recommend wearing lenses all the time.

I bought my lenses online from Shoppingholics, they sell many beauty products and they have a wide range of lenses for non-prescription and prescription users. That is also why i like this company, many websites only offer non-prescription lenses to customers. They offer free shipping too, as well as that shoppingholics give freebies such as hair accessories, beauty samples and lenses, depending on how much you spend.


I’ve been back in London since like a month ago this is so late, better late then never ^^ haven’t had the time to blog since I’ve been house hunting in Kingston and working. I haven’t yet tried all the products which are listed, but I will post reviews to let you know as soon as possible. Most of the products were bought from Sasa, colourmix or Watsons if I haven’t stated below.

Background on my skin: I have oily skin, which is prone to breakouts a lot if I don’t use the right products especially when I’m trying new products, I have ALOT of scars from old acne and some redness on my cheeks. Please Note: some of these products I’ve bought may not be suitable for people with different skin types.

While in Hong Kong, I only tried a few products but these products really helped to improve my skin in many ways. I’ll start talking about from left to right.

Shu Uemura Fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil 150/450ml – I was hesitant to try this as I have oily skin, but when the sales assistant showed me how to use it and demonstrated it on my skin. So I first purchased the 150ml bottle to try. I use the product both morning and night time, it’s so easy to use and takes off make up effortlessly, leaves skin so refreshed and refined. The pink fresh bottle is specially formulated for oily skin types and acne prone skin, this product hasn’t broken me out in any way. I bought two 450ml bottles from the airport in hong kong as back ups ^^ Here are the simple steps when using the oil:

1. Take 3 – 4 pumps of oil ( 3 pumps when using oil on clean skin and 4 pumps if using oil to remove make up)

2. Smooth and massage over entire face (ensure that skin is dry)

3. Wet face to emulsify cleaning oil turning the oil into a milky substance

4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

Neogence hyaluronic acid hydrating essence 20ml – Although I have oily skin, I need to ensure that my skin is hydrated, this product does just that it also improves skin firmness and texture of skin. I use this product in the only in the evening.

Clinque clarifying moisture lotion 3 400ml– I’ve tried the normal clarifying lotion in the past and I used it alot as part of the 3 step system that clinque had, which I used for a while but after a while it just wasn’t doing anything for my skin which is the reason I stopped using it. I’m not a big fan of toners, especially the clarifying toner, it’s so strong and all it feels like it that I’m rubbing alcohol on my face, also I feel it really stings my face. However the moisture one was formulated for oriental skins and only available for in asia. It has a much lighter scent, feels light on my skin and definitely not as strong in alcohol. Although the product is quite different to the normal clarifying lotion, it is used in the same way, use it twice a day, but I only use it in the morning.

Lioele waterdrop sleeping pack 120ml – I have bought this before, it great for my skin, in comparison to the laneige water bank sleeping pack which is too moisturing for my skin. This product has a gel based consistency, not sticky at all, smells gorgeous and it’s very light.

Perfect whip foam 120ml

Origins out of trouble 10 minute mask 100ml

Skin food tomato whitening spot serum 30ml

My beautiful diaries vanilla soufflĂ© face scrub 120ml – I’ve tried this once it works in the same way as cure ( I don’t like cure xD, it has a strong smell of alcohol) but it’s a foam conisistancy which I like, which removes dead skin cells.

My beautiful diaries peach soda eye and lip make up remover 130ml – like the clinque eye make up remover, its oil based formula is great for taken of eye make up, also alot cheaper than the clinque one, also recommend the chanel eye make up remover (y)

Laneige pore minimizing pack 100ml

Laneige deep pore clearing foam 160ml

Laneige Multiberry yogurt peeling gel 120ml

Laneige strawberry yogurt pack and multiberry yogurt repair pack 80ml

Sasa facial cleansing brush – I used this all the whenever I am cleansing my skin, its great and cleanse skin deep down.

Skinfood rice and black sugar mask wash off 100g

Skin food lemon pack 100ml

Skin food ginseng mask 100 ml

My beautiful diaries strawberry yogurt amino acid cleanser 90ml – came in a set while buying face mask, smells nice although I don’t think I would use much xD

My beautiful diaries face masks:

  • royal Jelly
  • strawberry yogurt
  • birds nest
  • black pearl
  • aloe vera
  • platinum nanocolliod
  • white truffle
my generally favourites are birds nest and white truffle :) each mask is suitable for different skin types and have different purposes, see the my beautiful diaries official website below for more info on all their product ranges.


Other sheet masks i got:

Missha - pure source lemon sheet mask

Gold total care mask and lotus mask - my cousin gave me a few really good!!

cettua pore control essence mask

Hada labo whitening mask

My beauitful diaries intensive double vitamin c eye masks

Missha deep sea water firming eye patch

Biore pore pack

cettua silky and clean nose strips